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Top Gun A highly foaming deep cleaning concentrated alkatdne pre soak. Dilution range 1:90-200.
Touchless Hi Ph Designed to be a one step frictionless detergent with state of the art high foaming surfactants that penetrate and clean dirt from vehicles. Dilution range 1:90-200.
Touchless Lo Ph A highly foaming free rinsing lo ph pre soak. To be used as step 2 in a Hi/Lo ph cleaning system. Does not contain HF or ABF. Dilution range 1:90-200.
Citrus Pre Soak Highly concentrated orange presoak that will penetrate and loosen road soils and dirt. Dilution range 1:90-200.
Triple Foam Finish
Super Show A multi-use polish and conditioner. Produces a thick lather that gives great visual effect. Dilution range 1:90-120.
Flash Break Specifically designed for touch less or fast rinsing applications. Produces a flash foam that sets up for a quick water break uponrinsing. Produces a long lasting protective shine. Dilution per 30 gallon 1:90-120*
Lo PH Polish Our best triple foam. This product has super foaming abilities and brilliant visual appeal. This product will rinse fast and enhances vehicle shine. Dilution range per 30 gallon 1:120-240*
Specialty Products
Bug Off A car wash pre spray designed to destroy bugs, and bug residue. This product is a real time saver and can be sprayed or brushed onto the vehicle.
Tar Clean A solvent based cleaner to be used on tar, under coatings, bugs and asphalt. This heavy duty cleaner is to be used when others fail.
Equipment Cleaner This super strong acidic gel removes dirt, rust, hard water deposits and detergent residue from tile, brick, FRP, tunnel and car wash bay walls, stainless and aluminum
Diamond Glass Cleaner A super concentrated glass cleaner with a pleasant fragrance. This unique formula contains an anti-fog agent and a detergent for tough jobs. This product may be diluted up to 40 parts of water.
Top Coat Our high gloss water based interior dressing. This water based product can be used on engine, leather, vinyl, and dashes. This product is water thin.
Top Coat Thick Our high gloss water based interior dressing. This water based product can be used on engine, leather, vinyl, and dashes. This product is very thick.
Final Shine Final shine is a spray and wipe gloss enhancer. This special formula is great for giving vehicles the showroom shine.
Lo Foam A Pleasantly scented carpet and upholstery cleaner. This non-corrosive formula can be used in carpet extractors or manual applications. This formula will allow carpets to dry faster then ordinary all purpose cleaners.
Global Solvent Tire Dressing Our premium solvent and silicone based tire dressing. This is a unique mixture of silicones that is high shinning long lasting and perfect for tires.
Global Water Based Our premium high gloss water based tire dressing. This product is non staining and leaves no white residue on tires or raised letter tires. Durable and has a long lasting shine.
Falcon Degreaser Our premium heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Can be used for detail, touch ups, and white letters. Our most popular all purpose cleaner.
Citrus Degreaser Similar to our falcon degreaser but has the added strength of citrus for the toughest of jobs. Can be used for detail, touch ups, and white letters.
RTU Glass Cleaner Our best ready to use glass cleaner. This un scented economic glass cleaner produces the perfect window while cleaning the most difficult glass. This product cleans great with no streaking or film
Sparkle Liquid Laundry Soap Our Liquid laundry soap that cleans in all temperatures and is safe for all machine washables. This product has optical brighteners and is completely biodegradable. This laundry soap is tough on grease and silicone.
Sparkle Powder Laundry Soap Our powder laundry soap. $40 for 50/lbs
Hybrid Tire Shine A revolutionary water based tire shine that has a unique silicone that increases shine and prevent sling. This product can be used with a sprayer, brush, or automatic machine.
Hybrid Tire Dressing The first solvent and water based tire shine on the market. Get all the benefits of a solvent based solution but the benefits of water based tire shine.
Hi Foam A hi ph good foaming and cleaning action soap. To be used as step one in a two step process. Can also be used in a hi pressure gun or as bucket soap. Dilution range 1:90-120.
Car Wash Concentrate A neutral good foam soap. Offers great lubricity and foam with a cherry scent. Dilution range 1:90-120.
Suds Plus Our ultra concentrated neutral foam soap. State of the art surfactants penetrate and clean dirt. Dilution range 1:200-240.
Lo pH Soap Our ultra concentrated lo pH foam soap. Specifically designed for glass and chrome cleaning. This product is free rinsing and produces a thick foam. Dilution range 1:120-240.
Citrus Soap Plus Our ultra foam soap. State of the art surfactants penetrate and clean dirt with a citrus scent. Dilution range 1:120-240.
Hi Foam Premium Our ammoniated foam soap. Produces a thick creamy shampoo type foam that carries throughout the tunnel with the added cleaning benefi ts of ammonia. This is a viscous product. Dilution range 1:90-120.
Suds Plus Ammoniated Our ultra concentrated neutral foam soap. State of the art surfactants penetrate and clean dirt with the added benefits of ammonia. This is a viscous product. Dilution range 1:90-120.
Wheel Cleaners
T and E Wheel Cleaner Our best foaming heavy duty concentrated non acid wheel cleaner. Uses the most advance detergency to quickly penetrate and loosen road soil and brake dust without scrubbing. Will create thick foam out of a CTA. Dilution range 1:8-17.
White Wheel Cleaner Concentrated alkaline formula for tires, wheel and rims. Quickly penetrates and dissolves tough road film and brake dust. Dilution range 1:8-12.
Falcon Degreaser & Cleaner A heavy duty degreaser that can be used as wheel and rim cleaner Dilution range 1:4-8.
Wheel Brite Our strongest HF wheel acid. Contains a propriety blend of surfactants and acids to create a no scrub rim cleaner Dilution range 1:8-17.
Old faithful A blend of Ammonium Bi Fluoride and surfactants to create a no scrub rim cleaner. Dilution range 1:8-17.
Alum Brite A economic HF wheel acid to clean the dirtiest of rims. Dilution range 1:8-10.
Sparkle Powder White Wall A powdered economical caustic wheel and whitewall cleaner. Special wetting agent penetrate and deep clean road soils and scuff marks. This product dissolves 100% in water and stays stable in solution per 300 lbs.*
Wite on Wite A powdered, non caustic tire cleaner.  Can be used as a presoak and all around the car wash.  This product is excellent for white vehicles at a hand car wash
Acidex A powerful acid wheel cleaner.  Contains a low level of ABF, but powerful surfactants and phosphoric acid make this an excellent wheel cleaner
Window Cleaner Spearmint scented 30:1 blue in color
Window Cleaner Plus Same formula as window cleaner with extra surfactants for faster drying and non streaking
Vinyl and Leather Cleaner An all interior cleaner. Safe for everything inside a vehicle, pleasantly scented
Jobetene A solvent engine degreaser that contains no water.  Dissolves tar, whitewall, and grease with powerful solvents
Blue Detergent Our strongest liquid car wash soap.  Very economical on cost per car.  Excellent detergent foam and lubricity.  Dilution 180:1
Wash a Way A versatile cleaner that can be used for everything.  Great for detailing and degreasing anything in a car wash.  Dilution up to 10:1
Drying Agents and Sealant Wax
Final Break Superior Active drying agent that provides a low cost per car. Creates instant water break and enhances shine. Dilution 1-1.5 oz per car.
Premium Drying Agent Our best drying agent for all car washes. This scientific formula bonds to the vehicle and delivers a fast breaking formula that leaves a brilliant shine with optical brighteners Dilution .75-.5 oz per car.
Shine and Dry An excellent drying agent and sealer wax that products a fast breaking action and sheeting which causes water to quickly bead and run off. Dilution .75-1 oz per car.
Poly Sealant A cherry scented premium sealer containing multiple silicones designed to produce a vibrant shine and durable protection. Produces a fast water break Dilution .75-1.5 oz per car.
Yellow Body Guard Formulated with a blend of the highest quality silicones obtainable. This surface protectant produces the longest lasting shine in our industry. This product has a citrus scents and will produce a fast rinsing yellow foam for visual appeal. Dilution .75-1.5 oz per car. 30 gallon drum. Can be used in hot wax or RainX Arch.
LT Our newest most cost effective drying agent Dilution .5-1.5 oz per car.
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